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chris evans & evan rachel wood
lemonpunch wrote in iconpunch
So, for those of you not aware of my epic computer issues, I've recently purchased a new computer. And you know how it goes, new computer, new monitor, and a completely different brightness/contrast/etc setting. So, I played around with some new icons and come up with these guys (nothing fancy, just stuff that I'm okay with the colouring of). Please let me know what you think - I realise that this is all pretty much an individual thing (you all have your own monitors and things will always look different to different people) but I'd appreciate the input :)


01-02 Katie McGrath
03-05 Kirsten Dunst
06-12 Chris Evans
13-13 Veronica Mars
14-16 Captain America
17-17 Iron Man
18-18 Robert Downey Jnr
19-19 Simon Baker
20-20 Pride & Prejudice

credit . comment . enjoy
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UNF. I love them!!!

Concerning concrit, you already know what I think about the Evans icons :p. Maybe 3 is a bit too bright and 13 needs a bit more light but except those, all the brightness/contrast seems good to me :D

Yeah, I'm not a huge fan of 3 (though I do like 4 - and 3 looks brighter next to the sepia tones which probably isn't helping). :)
And thank you muchly hun, you know I love hearing from you!

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