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chris evans & evan rachel wood
lemonpunch wrote in iconpunch
I know, this is early - but it's Christmas day in 7.5 hours here and I'm about to go off to work (I finish 4.00am on Christmas morning, but at least they're feeding us!) and wanted to post this now.

I truly wish everyone a fantastically merry Christmas, and if we can't actually have peace on earth, then I'll settle for everyone having a great day - whether you're with family or not, know that someone is thinking of you :)

*lets pretend this is a christmas cookie and it's for you!*

Love, Rach.

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Thanks Lore - I had a great day, and with all these comments I feel like Christmas has lasted just that little bit longer ;) How was your day?

That is wonderful, my christmas was lovely I had two family dinners so I was quite full by the end of the day. :D

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