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closure of iconpunch :(
chris evans & evan rachel wood
lemonpunch wrote in iconpunch
Hi guys! I just made a post over at lemonpunch so thought I'd follow it up here. As of, pretty much now, I will be closing this comm down. Any future graphic posts will be posted back at my personal journal.

I'm really sorry to do this, but I've been tossing this up for awhile now, and kind of want to streamline my presence on LJ, and I figured this was a better solution than disappearing entirely. All posts in this comm will remain public, it just won't be updated anymore.

So, I'll still be around at lemonpunch, leverageland and ic0nfest and will remain contactable. Feel free to defriend and leave en masse. And thank you all for watching/commenting, you've been fantastic!

you're more than welcome to friend my personal journal where all future posts will be made here, as those posts may be friends!only.

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I added you, to keep up with your icons. :D

:( Aww, this makes me sad, but thank you for all the awesome, amazing work you've done (and will continue doing). I've friended you in the past so I've still got you there. ;)

Thanks again hun. Hopefully I'll still post as semi-regularly as I used to - and it'll be easier for me, all in one place ;)

Hey, as long as you keep making kick ass icons, I'm totally good. :D

Oh, so no pressure then? ;)

I added you to keep up with your icons - I always love them <3 You're work is truly amazing and I'm sorry to see you close your comm :(

Thank you, that means a lot. Hopefully I'll still be able to post as regularly (or not) as I have been and only the location will have changed ;)

I freaked out for a moment there because I thought you were deleting everything and moving to DW like so many of my friends. Thank you for not doing that.

*is relieved*

Also, I'm glad I'm already your friend. :)

I'm not a huge fan of DW, so I'll definitely be sticking with LJ, don't worry there ;)
And yay, that's because you're awesome!

You have no idea how relieved I am! I've seen so many people switch over and so far I've only lost one close friend. But most of my other close friends are starting to get really quiet. I think I'm starting to develop abandonment issues, lol.

I've thought about joining DW, but it just isn't "right". It's just plain weird and it's not home.

Ahem, sorry about the rambling. You're one of my favorite icon makers and honestly the only one I try to look at every time you post.

Awww, I think you're awesome too!! Thanks for reading. :)

i'm going to add you to your personal journal because i can't miss your icons :D

Sometimes taking a step back is necessary. Good luck with that and, if you don't mind, I'll friend you to keep track of the pretties. ;)

Yeah, a break is as good as a rest as they say ;) And I don't mind at all!

I've friended you to keep up with your posts. lovely work by the way :)

As long as you're still around it's perfectly fine by me. Hooray for already being friends at lemonpunch :D

I'm not around so much but whenever I go look out for icons I always stop by to yours. So I'm adding you from your personal journal, never wanna lose your work :))

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