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closure of iconpunch :(

Hi guys! I just made a post over at lemonpunch so thought I'd follow it up here. As of, pretty much now, I will be closing this comm down. Any future graphic posts will be posted back at my personal journal.

I'm really sorry to do this, but I've been tossing this up for awhile now, and kind of want to streamline my presence on LJ, and I figured this was a better solution than disappearing entirely. All posts in this comm will remain public, it just won't be updated anymore.

So, I'll still be around at lemonpunch, leverageland and ic0nfest and will remain contactable. Feel free to defriend and leave en masse. And thank you all for watching/commenting, you've been fantastic!

you're more than welcome to friend my personal journal where all future posts will be made here, as those posts may be friends!only.
chris evans - golden boy :)


I know, this is early - but it's Christmas day in 7.5 hours here and I'm about to go off to work (I finish 4.00am on Christmas morning, but at least they're feeding us!) and wanted to post this now.

I truly wish everyone a fantastically merry Christmas, and if we can't actually have peace on earth, then I'll settle for everyone having a great day - whether you're with family or not, know that someone is thinking of you :)

*lets pretend this is a christmas cookie and it's for you!*

Love, Rach.
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- christmas palooza part ii :)

CHRISTMAS PALOOZA LINKS: [OPEN] timeline | pimpage | christmas-related posts | iconfest
crafts/decorations | gif post | puzzles | secret santa drop-off post | recipes | music | xmas trees
[SIGN-UPS CLOSED]: christmas cards | charity art 'buy now' | charity auction | secret santa

And I will eventually have new icons - charity auctions for mancalahour and tailoredshirt, and I want to make icons for my tumblr pics somehow. But in the meantime, palooza!
chris evans - golden boy :)


x-posted from lemonpunch

Okay, I don't really know how it works yet, and I blame sallyna_smile, but I now have a tumbler which is here: (yeah, I know, someone had already taken lemonpunch - *sad face*). It's not pretty or anything - will sit down in a few days and work out layout etc, but it's up!

Anyway, I'll mostly use it for reblogging, but I also want to do some larger graphics which will be posted there - icons and everything else will continue to be posted @ iconpunch.

Anyway, feel free to follow/add/whatever they're calling it, and let me know if you have one too :) Ah, and how to use it, etc, etc.

And, have a blue mini-icon set:
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So, for those of you not aware of my epic computer issues, I've recently purchased a new computer. And you know how it goes, new computer, new monitor, and a completely different brightness/contrast/etc setting. So, I played around with some new icons and come up with these guys (nothing fancy, just stuff that I'm okay with the colouring of). Please let me know what you think - I realise that this is all pretty much an individual thing (you all have your own monitors and things will always look different to different people) but I'd appreciate the input :)

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The early palooza entries have now all been posted (so, the xmas card post, secret santa sign-ups, the charity auction and charity offers (or buy now) for the early birds to check out! The palooza starts proper in early December (just click on the '?' square for more details) - hope to see you all there!

If anyone wants the code for the palooza thingey to the left (to pimp!) just let me know :)

Okay, anyway .... I've decided that I actually want to icon an entire episode/movie (you know, on top of everything else) but am having trouble deciding on what exactly to screencap & icon and I thought you could help ...

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top gear - oliver!


DOWNLOAD - (.rar file, approx ~753KB)
♦ credit not necessary but comments are appreciated
♦ ha ha ha! I can't count - there's actually 50 textures here. Fail!
♦ enjoy!

Remember, the iconfest is still going strong over HERE (until 20 November), and Christmas Palooza has started over HERE - don't forget to sign up for the secret santa ;)
chris evans - golden boy :)


As promised, here are the quotes icons (plus some Calvin & Hobbes because I just can't help myself). I tried to make sure that everyone who requested some quotes got at least one, but let me know if I missed you. I haven't listed the quote sources because they're so varied, but most of them can be found in the request post here if you're interested.

Please, please, please let me know if I've made any spelling errors :(

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ic0nfest has started - prompt post opened HERE
pallooza has also started - secret santa sign-up HERE