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chris evans & evan rachel wood
lemonpunch wrote in iconpunch
So, for those of you not aware of my epic computer issues, I've recently purchased a new computer. And you know how it goes, new computer, new monitor, and a completely different brightness/contrast/etc setting. So, I played around with some new icons and come up with these guys (nothing fancy, just stuff that I'm okay with the colouring of). Please let me know what you think - I realise that this is all pretty much an individual thing (you all have your own monitors and things will always look different to different people) but I'd appreciate the input :)


01-02 Katie McGrath
03-05 Kirsten Dunst
06-12 Chris Evans
13-13 Veronica Mars
14-16 Captain America
17-17 Iron Man
18-18 Robert Downey Jnr
19-19 Simon Baker
20-20 Pride & Prejudice

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Remember, palooza is going on HERE, the fest is going on here, and innocent_lexys is having a texture battle - sign ups here. Oh, and I have a poll HERE for you to help me decide what tv show/movie to icon next :)

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Thank you hun! I may have made more Chris icons than intended - I just like looking at the pretty :) Thank you, I'm pretty happy with 12 (it was one of those happy flukes that happens sometimes).

And thank you, I'm glad you mentioned the sharpening, because I'm always nervous about this - I like them to be sharpened slightly (especially the b&w ones) but not too much, and it's a fine line sometimes.

The sexy and dark and dramatic is all Chris, trust me ;)

#8 was also a happy accident, I just wanted to use the image and stop drooling at it :)

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