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chris evans & evan rachel wood
lemonpunch wrote in iconpunch
I know, this is early - but it's Christmas day in 7.5 hours here and I'm about to go off to work (I finish 4.00am on Christmas morning, but at least they're feeding us!) and wanted to post this now.

I truly wish everyone a fantastically merry Christmas, and if we can't actually have peace on earth, then I'll settle for everyone having a great day - whether you're with family or not, know that someone is thinking of you :)

*lets pretend this is a christmas cookie and it's for you!*

Love, Rach.

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You work till 4am on Christmas Eve? What a bummer!

It was supposed to be until 7am and then my shift got changed (thankfully!) so it could have been worse ;)
Thanks hun - did you have a good Christmas?

That's something I guess. I used to work holidays too, so I know it sucks to be at work when everyone else's having a nice time or relaxing at home.

I did! Lots of family, food and fun. ;D

Though sometime's it's nice to be able to leave too - especially when there's dishes to be done!

Yay, I'm glad :)

Hahaha, I never thought of it like that. I mostly hated going out early in the morning when the rest of my family was sleeping in for the day. XD MORNINGS ARE EVIL.

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