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.040 - screencap master post

These were originally posted over @ lemonpunch and I thought it was about time I brought them over here. Any new caps will be posted in a new post, and the links added here. Please let me know if any of the links are dead.

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chris evans - golden boy :)


Seriously, I do mean to post these at the end of each month. Alas, the art of getting things done on time still aludes me :(

Absolutely nothing new in this batch fot those at home keeping score.

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So, there will be the quote icons (you can still request some here and more request icons coming shortly. Don't forget the iconfest starts in a few days!
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X-posted from my journal - just a quick reminder for things that are starting/ending shortly! (You should be able to click directly on the image to go to the relevant comm/post).

ic0nfest starts up again on the fifth! Make sure you've pimped it and get your images ready for prompting :) Also, if anyone wants to make more pimp banners, the more the merrier!

Christmas Palooza starts with secret santa sign ups on the fifth as well, so look out for that. For those that have messaged me or marked on the poll that you want to help - expect a PM from me by weeks' end (hopefully) - and it's not too late to volunteer :)

my auction ends on the 6th, so more time to bid if you're interested (not just in mine, there's some great auctions out there).

♦ ... and, I've opened up a spam request post HERE for quotes for those who haven't already seen it :)

It's going to be a busy week/weekend everyone!
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.037 - spam me!

Okay, so I kind of want to do more quote icons (like this or this or even this from this batch) - so I'm taking quote requests. Song lyrics/sayings/movie or tv dialogue/more emoticons/etc etc, pretty much anything except images :)


Oh, and don't forget, palooza starts soon (secret santa sign ups!) and so does the next round over @ ic0nfest. Oh, and I'm still auctioning some icons off over here.

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LOTS of quote icons, and some other stuff. See if you can guess the source before checking the table ;)

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.034 - spam me!

So, as soon as I finish watching The Closer (ha ha, yes, I do watch this!) am about to start working on the request icons with a few additions. So, if you have any images of the following that you want iconned, spam me with them - it's been awhile since I did these :)

♦ any animated Disney screencaps/stills
♦ any Merlin screencaps/stills/actor images
♦ any Captain America/Thor/Iron Man/Avengers/etc screencaps/promos/stills/posters

chris evans - golden boy :)


details | my graphics auction thread

I'm sure by now most of you have seen this around LJ so I won't go on about it here (except to say that the generous spirit of LJ'ers never fails to amaze me). I'm offering an auction for 10 icons (which you will actually get! yay!) - my thread can be found here. If you have the time/resources please check out the comm, and if you already have a link, feel free to pimp it in the comments.

Of, and there will likely be more icons in the next week or so :)